Hypnotic deepener explained

What to expect from a Hypnotic Deepener

The role of the hypnotic deepener is to take someone who is already in hypnosis and take them deeper into their hypnotic mindset; Deeper, deeper, and deeper. Based on the responsiveness of the client during the hypnotic induction, the hypnotic deepener can be tailor-made for that client. That is the main benefit of working with a hypnotherapist instead of buying off-the-shelf ready-made hypnotic recordings.

What is happening when we are going through a hypnotic deepener?

In a theoretical scientific conversation, what is happening when someone is being deepened in hypnosis is not exactly clear, and remains at large in certain domains a controversial piece of ongoing debate. From the client’s perspective the outcome of this process, which is the key deliverable, may be described as ‘I am feeling far more relaxed’, or like the client displaying a greater level of focus, concentration, and absorption in the therapeutic journey.

The key takeaway is the client experience. If a person deepens into a hypnotic mindset by listening to a chiming bell, laying next to a stream of water in the Alps, or focusing on their own special place with the help of a hypnotherapist, that matters.

The 3 categories of Hypnotic Deepeners

  • Relaxation – possibly tops the list on moving us towards a nice comfortable place. Hypnotic deepeners that bring us to a great depth of relaxation have many benefits for our psychological and physiological states.
  • Suggestibility – to be taken to a place so great, it’s the greatest place you have been to.
  • Mental absorption – as hypnotic skills training – arm levitation, eyelids that are stuck together, hands with magnets so powerful that it literally bonded these eyes together.

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