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Ease Your Mind, Enhance Your Performance: Tackle Exam-Related Anxiety and Sleep Better with Bromley’s Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by exam pressures? Let us help you turn that stress into success. Book a Consultation today! Our program usually spans up to 6 sessions, available 1-to-1 face-to-face or online—£ 50.00 per session.

Face-to-face (1 to 1) sessions – Located in old Victorian Building, 61 College Road Bromley. We also offer sessions online which works for those with busy schedules

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The Challenge of Exam Stress

Exams or tests come in many flavours, maybe we refer to them as an end-of-unit test, end-of-module test, end-of-year test, or simply as my GCSE exams, A-Level exams, Degree level module exams and so on. 

When we enrol on a course, either by choice, i.e degree, Masters, undergraduate, PHD etc. or by law, in the form of the compulsory GCSE subjects of English and Maths. We tend to understand that at some point, usually at the end. We are going to provide some level of documented proof that the subject content has been understood to a competent level, this is usually referred to as, being tested in an exam. 

On day one of the course, there isn’t a significant source of stress associated with the exams and tests that are documented and timetabled in the months ahead. The pressure to perform typically creeps up on students towards the closing sections of the course. The reasons for the onset of stress are often varied and complex, and since everyone handles stress differently, we often need to find an individual approach to unpicking the stressors and finding a personalised solution.

For example, it could be fear of failing to live up to expectations, revising content and stressing over not being able to recall it, anxiety over lack of time, or concerns about the impact on future opportunities. The list goes on.

1-to-1 Exam stress therapy in Bromley, S.E London / Online

In my personalised one-to-one therapy sessions, we carefully assess and holistically examine where you currently are, where you aim to be, and what achieving your goals will look like. By employing proven techniques for managing stress, anxiety, sleep challenges related to stress, and relaxation strategies, our goal is to empower you to transform your anxiety into achievement. We provide you with essential study and relaxation strategies that can help you work towards enhancing your focus and exam-taking confidence, making your exam experience both productive and manageable.

Exam stress can dampen even the brightest academic prospects. Our approach begins by working with you to identify the root causes of your stress, equipping you with personalised tools to manage anxiety effectively. During our sessions, which address both the mental and physical challenges of exam stress, such as mindfulness exercises and effective time management skills, you’ll learn to alleviate stress efficiently. Each session builds upon the previous, giving you a robust set of skills and boosting your confidence as you approach exam day.

Positive and Negative Roles of Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety often carry negative connotations because they are associated with discomfort and potential health issues. However, they can also play positive roles. For example:

Positive Stress (Eustress): This form of stress can be motivating and enhancing, driving people to complete tasks effectively and on time. It can improve focus and energy levels, contributing to better performance, such as during athletic competitions or important projects.

Optimal Anxiety: Similarly, a certain level of anxiety can heighten alertness and performance. It can prepare the body and mind to face challenges through heightened sensory and situational awareness.


Boost your confidence, ace the test, and conquer your exams with focus and determination.


Master your preparation with expert guidance to ensure every answer is precise and every effort counts.

Study with Confidence: Bromley’s Best for Mastering Exam Stress!

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