Behavioral Change

Habits can be powerful forces in our lives, shaping our behaviour and impacting our well-being. Some habits, like exercising regularly or eating a healthy diet, can promote physical and mental health positives. Other habits, however, can be harmful or destructive, such as smoking, overeating, procrastinating, and even Mobile phone, and social media addiction. Breaking a …

Breaking Habits with Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy: A Comprehensive Guide Read More »

We are constantly being bombarded with messages and information from various sources, whether it’s traditional media, advertising, social media, or even the formation of our own core beliefs and experiences. These messages can have a powerful effect on our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, shaping our perceptions of ourselves, others, and the world around us. Sometimes …

Beyond Hypnosis: The Power of Dehypnosis Explored Read More »

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