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In the realm of therapeutic interventions, the combination of mindfulness practices and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH) is emerging as a potent duo for addressing stress and insomnia. Both approaches, while effective on their own, can amplify each other’s benefits when integrated, offering a holistic solution to those grappling with sleep disturbances rooted in stress and …

Mindfulness and CBH: A Dual Approach to Tackling Stress and Insomnia Read More »

The Unseen Challenge In the heart of the city, amidst the towering skyscrapers and bustling streets, Kaelan, a diligent financial analyst, seemed to thrive. His colleagues admired his dedication, and his friends envied his seemingly unshakeable confidence. But as the city lights dimmed, a hidden challenge emerged. Each night, in the solitude of his apartment, …

The Silent Struggle: Battle with Anxiety-Induced Sleeplessness (Case Study) Read More »

In the heart of the city, where the pace of life is relentless, professionals grapple with a unique set of challenges. From high-pressure meetings to tight deadlines, the urban environment is a hotbed for stress. But when the city lights fade and the world goes silent, why does the mind continue its restless dance, preventing …

CBH: The City’s Solution to Stress & Insomnia Read More »

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