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Understanding the Root Causes of Procrastination Before we can effectively combat procrastination, it’s crucial to understand its root causes. Many times, it isn’t just about laziness or lack of motivation. Factors like fear of failure, perfectionism, lack of discipline, or even underlying mental health issues can contribute. Recognizing the real reasons behind your procrastination can …

Overcoming Procrastination: The Power of Goal Setting and Deadlines Read More »

Procrastination is notably prevalent among adolescents, particularly those aged 15-16. Various factors, ranging from motivational challenges, apprehensions about failing, to time management issues, contribute to this behavior. The repercussions aren’t just academic; they also encompass lowered self-worth and potential mental health concerns. The silver lining is that with the right interventions from parents and educators, …

Addressing Procrastination in Children 15-16. Strategies for Overcoming Procrastination Read More »

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