Refund Policy

All therapy fees are paid at the point of booking, this payment is the agreement for therapy to begin. Many practices make use of some of your 1-to-1 therapy time to gather form-filled data, I have automated this slightly to make way for data capture to be done before the session appointment, creating more therapy time for you the client. Hence the need to cover the cost of this work and commitment.

When making a booking and submitting payment you are agreeing that work on the case may begin prior to the booked session, either in the review of the telephone screening outcome information or the processing of any other forms. This includes the preparation of sending those forms and/or receiving a submitted form. As part of the booking process, you will be sent as part of the booking process a password-protected link to an online assessment form, this is for your submission prior to the booked appointment.

If for any reason you would like to withdraw and seek a refund from a prepaid session the following applies:

  • If you are yet to submit the assessment form sent to you as part of the booking process and it is more than 7 days before the booked appointment a refund will be processed minus the banking charges of both the initial payment plus the cost of the refund payment.
  • There are no refunds for 1 booked session 7 days before the booked appointment

The Bohangar reserves the right to review or amend the terms set out in this policy and is under no obligation to inform of the change, other than to change this policy which will be displayed as a link in the website’s footer. The terms apply at the point of booking

For any further help please contact info@bohangar.com.

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Therapy at the Bohangar works on the premise of building a solid stable core, building resilience, defining boundaries, and identifying and addressing underlying issues.

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Therapy typically runs up to 6-8 sessions – Bespoke to the client and agreed after the full assessment has been completed.