Former Investment Banking Analyst

I started life in investment banking as an analyst on the trading floor. I progressed in this field for 2 decades, honing my skills of problem simplification, problem identification and operating models of complex systems and people. This skill sight I am turning to apply to the most important product, your mental health.

Learning the arts of self-therapy

I first dabbled with the art of relaxation, hypnosis, meditation, and the mechanics of breathing more than a decade ago, to begin to balance and reclaim my mental health systems to some form of normality.

It is my belief that it was through this level of self-intervention over the years that I exited the banking industry, with my mental-health-in-tact.

The city gifted me a certain energy level of forward momentum with a can-do attitude; I want to take this drive and energy to help you reclaim, and find yourself.

My Mantra and Mission Statement

My passion and mission statement is to take these skills and take you on a voyage of your own self-rediscovery and personal progression.

I run my programs administratively on the rails of solid project management frameworks, using a working document as the treatment plan with embedded agreed GoalsObjectives, and measured Outcomes

All I ask in return is commitment, honesty and together we can work towards reigniting some forward progression in your life.  

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Registered Membership of:
National Council of Hypnotherapy (NCH)
Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

London based Therapist

  • problem simplification/ solutionising
  • Stress / Anxiety / Well being
  • Vicious Circles
  • Gas Lighting
  • Rage against the system SEND / EHCP (ASD/ADHD)


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