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The Silent Struggle: Knowing When It’s Time to Seek Therapy

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Christopher 'Chigg' Ba(Hons), Dip CBH, MNCH(reg)

Christopher 'Chigg' Ba(Hons), Dip CBH, MNCH(reg)

Founder:Bohangar City Practice: (ex Banking Analyst): Transforming Minds, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy.

Where are you on the Solution finding Index?

It is estimated around 60% of people who have mental health challenges do not reach out and seek help, of this group it is unknown how many simply live that way, and know, no other way. 

Some folks can literally spend years on finding not solutions but work arounds for their mental health challenges. Fast Track the process today to speak to someone with a sphere of competence in the  Therapy Space

The Seeking help ladder

Self Reflection Test – How is your Mental Health?

Take a moment to reflect on the status of your own mental health across all domains of your life. Is there anything persistent that does not seem to go away? or something that is persistent but only appears in the same type of situation or events. Do you feel, behave or physically react in unhelpful ways when going through these situations? Perhaps you can describe an ongoing negative feeling or tension but struggle to define the reason, or perhaps you have a physical reaction to an event, that is so automatic, you avoid doing something in such a way that it impacts on your quality of life.

Your First step in Therapy

By reflecting through the last paragraph you have already began the process of therapy, you have taken the first step in pausing and self reflecting, even if you take nothing else from these passages you go with an additional piece of self awareness, you should feel proud of your achievement so far. 

Perhaps however this piece of self awareness is the point in the sand you decide right now is the time to stop and reach out, make a step today that you have never done before.


What can Therapy do?

Either way, you still need some help to resolve the question you answered above. If you know what the problem, and you know what needs to be done to resolve it, therapy can look into why that is not working. If you have an idea you need help, but unsure what help you need, therapy can help to identify avenues of help. If you do not think you need help, but are struggling with Mental health and well being challenges, Therapy can help clarify to yourself the help that could help you and not just to accept the status quo  

Do not Struggle Alone – Reach Out

Whether it is filling out this reach out form below, book an appointment to see your GP, phone a friend, call an advice line. if you take anything away rom your visit to my site today – the mantra is – do something now, that you did not do before. There is no cost to reach out and ask a question.  

Q1: Do I need some help? 

You may be in a position to answer this question hence why you are reading this page, or you may not be fully committed to the idea that you need any help and are just browsing symptoms and experiences to form a view or to reinforce an old view.

This question is the most important question you will ever need to answer, because it makes the difference between doing nothing and living with the status quo or doing something. The good news, information gathering is usually classified as free, Your first task is to reach the view to this question of ‘maybe‘ or ‘yes‘ – either of these opens the door on the enquiry form below.

Working relationship with the therapist

What is the most important consideration to make when picking therapy?  Can I work with this therapist? Are they into the detail? Can I see this person listen to my story?  Do they have life skills? Can you read their personality off the page?

The Right Therapy, that is right for you?

This is a personal question, and it boils down in part to how you have read have read this page, There are many types of therapeutic approaches, strategies, and interventions. I became passionate in Cognitive Behavioural hypnotherapy as I found it took elements of the best psychotherapy therapy, CBT combined with clinical hypnotherapy. The frame work facilitates building a treatment programme that can be made up of cognitive and behavioural therapies, embedded with the hypnosis, with further scope for self hypnosis and mindfulness into the solution mix.  


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